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Wypożyczalnia Motocykli


Karlskrona - Kalmar - Karlskrona - 10.09.2011

2 of our motorcycles participated in the tour to Sweden (Honda Varadero XL1000V and Yamaha TDM850). The journey lasted 1 day and was prepared in collaboration with Andrzej Gołębiowski (tour operator) and Stena Line.

The motorcycles were parked on the ferry on Friday at 19:30. Then we went to the hotel department. It is important that the car roof is closed during the journey and you have to take hand luggage.

The trip in 1st class of the Baltic States in the night was an unforgettable experience. The accommodation and food services is guaranteed here. Also in the restaurant C View All night a cultural disco will take place.

A real adventure begins at 7:30 am when we reach Karlskrona.

From Karlskrona we drive off to Kalmar. The trails are fabulous and cars rarely come on. The route has 200 km. On the way we make the catches in the most beautiful places on the route.

From Kalmar we drive through a bridge which has about 6 km, on the island Olandia. There we fuel our machines. Not all of the motorcycles are very low fuel consumption of 3-4l / 100km, such as BMW F 800 GS.

1 L of gasoline costs more than in Poland here - about 6-7 pln (1.559 EUR). We do not need Exchange - everywhere you can pay with the card.

Restaurants are not so cheap but that is no concern for us, food is guaranteed by the organizer. Lunch we eat around 14 o'clock.

After lunch, we drive in the direction Karlskrona (130km). After 30km we take a short break next to the horse station of the XVII century. A hotel Erni (1 star) surprised positively, especially the interior of the hotel and the operator.

We achieve our goal with the entrance to the observation point. In Sweden oldschooliche cars are very stylish, we saw e.g. lowriders and machines such as Buick or Cadillac. Perhaps not really dead for Sweden Elvis.

Again, we are on the ferry at 19:30 and in Gdynia in the morning at 7:30 am on Sunday.

Such ride guarantee lots of fun and it is a good idea for leisure.
All we need to consider is the restriction of the speed, which are very strict in Sweden. A night on the ferry and then you can travel with the favorite vehicle.

Next exit on 1.10.2011 and so in 2012!

Details directly Andrzej Gołębiowski:

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