mAC in Pomeranian motorcycle rental provides additional security for comfort Tenant during the rental motorcycle.

mAC covers damage to the bike caused by the fault of the tenant, for example, scratch the fairing, crack mirrors or other external damage, caused eg. by accident.

Pricing subsidies for rents for mAC:


PWM does not offer insurance against theft of motorcycles. Each issued adequate protection to motorcycle including: disclock, hoses, covers for motorcycle, motorcycles are also equipped with a lock factory, such as:

- HISS (Honda) - H-Lock (Harley - Davidson) - steering lock (Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW) - Immobilizer (BMW, Honda) Information on the contract Mac must be submitted together with the order book on the motorcycle. The rate of the fee will be added by the employee PWM to the amount of the lease, according to the table pricing mAC.


MP | 14.10.2014