rezerwacja opinie pwm pomorska wypożyczalnia motocykli Łegowo

Without reservation you can rent a motorcycle which is free at the moment (usually 3-4 motorcycles are still free). To rent please visit us in our opening times:

9:00 - 18:00, 7 days per week.

rezerwacja opinie pwm pomorska wypożyczalnia motocykli Łegowo


+48 506-468-370

+48 502-565-941

rezerwacja opinie pwm pomorska wypożyczalnia motocykli Łegowo

  • Bike (bikes) to rent
  • Address to pick-up (PWM or some other address)
  • Address to return the bike (PWM or some other address)
  • Start and end date of rental period
  • Your name, surname, e-mail and phone number
  • Send this all to:
  • You will receive confirmation document to your email and after the payment via bank account the motorycle is waiting for you! You can also pay at the place, also in other currency than PLN. No problem!


We will reply as soon as possible, usually in 4h. In reply e-mail you receive Reservation Confirmation Document.

We accept EUR, PLN, GBP, USD

Bike rental gift voucher

Gift voucher is the best for motorcycle hotheads! To book your voucher just send us to the following information:

- recipient's name and surname

- the address to send gift voucher

- choose price of the voucher fitting to some motorcycle and term of lease

Gift voucher motorcycle rental PWM Gdansk Poland


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