When we become a participant in the cullet caused by another driver, we can use the motorcycle rental service at PWM Pomeranian motorcycle rental by financing the rental from the OC policy of the perpetrator. Below are the standard conditions that must be met to get a replacement motorcycle without incurring any costs.

To report a desire to rent a motorcycle at the expense of the insurer's OC policy, please send us the following information to biuro@wypozyczalnieamotocykli.com:

A. Damage number
B. Name of the insurance company
C. Name, surname, address and PESEL of the victim
D. The model and vintage of the motorcycle that has been damaged

A replacement vehicle is entitled to:

- conducting business activity (confirmation of this is required by a certificate of entry in the business register or an excerpt from the National Court Register) and the damaged vehicle was used in it (eg an extract from the list of fixed assets, documentation confirming the settlement of costs of using the car as part of the activity, statement of the victim ); in the case when the company uses many vehicles - a statement that during the repair of the damaged vehicle it was not possible to use another car with similar parameters, being in the possession of the injured;

- physical, for which the vehicle is indispensable for performing professional activity, e.g. a doctor, lawyer, agent, architect, etc. (documentation of the fact and manner of performing such a profession is required to demonstrate the need for frequent movement for effective, undisturbed work);

- physical, which do not carry out economic activities (documenting exceptional circumstances [of a personal, family or external nature] indicating that the vehicle is necessary for commuting to work, or related to the functioning of the family and meeting personal needs, if commuting by means of communication would be impossible or significantly impeded) - the catalog of facts justifying the necessity to rent a replacement vehicle is open and in each case subject to individual evaluation.

The claim referred to above may be recognized solely on the basis of the submitted VAT invoice / invoice for the vehicle rental, specifying exactly the period of the lease, the rate per day, the brand and type of the car, or a tenancy agreement with the private person. The rented vehicle should be in a class and purpose corresponding to the damaged vehicle.

The period for which a vehicle rental can be considered depends on the type of damage:
a) in the event of partial damage:
     * from the date of the damage to the date of its notification to the insurer (if the application was made without unreasonable delay) - normally 3 days;
     * from the date of reporting the damage to the day of inspection and receiving a document detailing the justified scope of the repair;
     * from the day of submitting the application to the insurer until the additional inspection is performed;
     * technological repair time determined based on the technology of the vehicle manufacturer;
     * organizational period for finding a repair workshop, order for repair, acceptance / pickup of a vehicle from repair - a total of 2 days is assumed as a standard - or waiting period for delivery of spare parts required to repair, when the vehicle of a given brand does not have its representative or parts are not available in Poland;

b) in the case of total damage:

     * from the date of the damage to the date of its notification to the insurer (if the application was made without unreasonable delay) - normally 3 days;
     * from the date of reporting the damage to the day of the inspection by the representative of the insurer and receipt by the declarant (or authorized by the injured entity, workshop) information on qualifying the damage as a whole (may be included in the inspection report);
     * necessary period for the sale of a vehicle wreck and the purchase of another vehicle with similar parameters and its registration - 14 days as standard.

If the above accumulated periods go beyond the day of payment of compensation, the day of payment of compensation is strictly considered as the end of the period of reasonable refund of the costs of renting a replacement vehicle.

I would like to mention that according to art. 361 of the Civil Code, the aggrieved party who conducts business activity is entitled to compensation for lost profits, which he would achieve if the damage was not done to him. However, in accordance with art. 6 K.C. the burden of proof rests on the person who derives legal effects from this fact. Please be advised that in order for the claim to rent a replacement vehicle to become reasonable, the authorized entity (the owner of the vehicle) should demonstrate that the failure to rent a replacement vehicle would result in a financial loss in his property.

Claims related to the renting of a replacement vehicle can be considered for a person running a business after presenting the following documents:
- a copy of the National Court Register or an entry in the business records (authenticated),
- a copy of the fixed assets register confirming the use of the vehicle in the company - confirmation of the inability to execute orders with another vehicle owned by the company,
- information whether the company is a VAT payer,
- a detailed explanation of the purposes for which the vehicle is used in business operations,
- information about the rented vehicle - brand, model, purpose, load capacity, registration number.

However, for a natural person, claims related to the renting of a replacement vehicle can be considered after presenting the following documents:
1. Statements:
  * about the current way of using the vehicle, in particular:
- intensity of vehicle use before an accident,
- indication of routes,
- determining the purpose of travel,
  * whether hiring a replacement vehicle in place of the damaged one was necessary,
  * on the reasons why the use of public transport after the damage was not possible or would involve significant difficulties (with a specific indication of the handicaps),
  * whether it was not possible to use another vehicle available for free.

2. Document confirming the costs incurred (invoice / contract) containing a detailed indication of the rental period of the vehicle (with border dates) and the daily rent rate.

The basis for determining the amount of the claim will be verification of the document confirming the incurred costs along with the specified period of use of the replacement vehicle.

In the course of considering a claim, due to the specificity of a particular case, you may need to obtain additional documents about which delivery the Insurer will make in writing.