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Joanna Kozińska review by: Rental bikes, rentbike – 5 stars
July 24 · 

A super professional rental company, great motorcycles - I used it several times, each time from a different motorcycle - every time it is brilliant. For now my favorite is the BMW R1200GS - no terrible area, super comfortable also for the passenger. This weekend we're testing Fazer. Out of curiosity, we also rented the Harley Road King and after the weekend I can say on it that every motorcyclist should drive before talking about the Harley. Completely different than on anything else, while the beautiful "gurgling" and various strange sounds are not known from where I will surely not forget. One-time unforgettable adventure, but maybe someone will like it more :)


Daniel Kowalewski review by: Rental bikes, rentbikee – 5 stars
August 7 · 

According to the saying that you do not need to build a brewery to drink beer "it fits perfectly to taste different machines and so I would buy one and have to service, insure, etc.
Motorcycles that are technically efficient, visually also and nice PWM service puts this company on the No. 1 position in northern Poland in the number and availability of motorcycles.
I highly recommend Daniel K.

Magdalena MG zrecenzowała: Wypożyczalnia motocykli, rentbike – 5 stars
Super working moto rental, very nice, professional service, a large selection of motorcycles. Thanks to you, I could wind up a few miles around Mazury with my friends - thanks and until next time. I give 5 stars and I strongly recommend PWM to all motomaniacs, who at the moment suffer from the lack of their own moto - LwG!
Daniel Grau review by: Rental bikes, rentbike – 5 stars

I am very happy after the weekend. Everything, just like in the best order, and motorcycles, despite the constant passing of the hand to the hand (Road King and Shadow), were brilliant on the road and made a lot of fun out of the ride.