PWM Pomeranian Motorcycle Rental offers extra hours on a Yamaha YBR125 motorcycle - supplementary training without driving license category B

Rides offered by PWM are much more advantageous in price than those offered by WORD or PORD centers, where the price of 1 hour often reaches 60 PLN. You can rent a Yamaha YBR125 motorcycle already in the price:


1 day = 125 PLN, and with every day, this price falls


Before renting a motorcycle, on request, you will receive a full instruction in the field of:

- gas and clutch techniques

- techniques of using front / rear brakes

- security aspects

- emergency situations


After theoretical training, we provide you with a motorcycle for the number of hours / days you have ordered for your own practice


Nauka jazdy 125 motocykl kat B 

PWM Pomorska Wypożyczalnia Motocykli    ||   MP 09.10.2014