BMW R1200GS K50 2013-2015 is the King of the Adventure class. The latest version of the model is a real all in one. The motorway when visiting Europe, winding Kashubian roads or a trip to the desert terrain are the elements of this motorcycle.


Top: Boxer with a capacity of 1200 cc
Left: BMW lamp-free LED light bulbs

The BMW R1200GS from 2013 is marked with the symbol K50 and has everything that models from 2014 and 2015 have in their equipment. The technological level of the motorcycle as well as the level of computerization delights, thanks to the huge functionality and the introduction of a two-wheeler to the previously unavailable level of configurability under the rider's preferences and the conditions in which we move.

What offers the latest GS, or rather the functionalities that mechanics have offered us with programmers can make you dizzy. It's a real iPad on wheels. Below we focus on the most noticeable and important functions that really help the driver and passenger:

1) Suspension, engine and ABS modes.
The switch on the right side of the steering wheel allows you to set:
RAIN - the engine responds to the movement of the gas handle (E-Gas), ABS goes in early, and the suspension helps to ease the power
ROAD - the engine normally reacts to the throttle and the ABS starts later than the RAIN, allowing a slightly higher braking force.
DYNA - all three - gas, brakes and suspension work with the greatest precision and react immediately to every driver's command. The mode allows for a really rough ride, almost like the character of KTM SuperDuke.
Enduro - the motorcycle adapts to driving on mud, gravel or snow. It allows partial slides and relieves the reaction to gas. The rear wheel can go into a partial slip both during acceleration and braking, the systems will start to assist relatively at the latest with all 4 modes.

2) Active cruise control
Allows you to keep the current speed and braking and accelerating with the button on the left side of the steering wheel. Deactivation occurs when the gas handle or brake is touched.

3) ESA II system with Semiactive Dynamic suspension, which regulates electronically the spring preload and the damping force of kickback and rebound, the possible modes are:
SOFT - comfortable shock absorption
NORMAL - normal depreciation
HARD - sports cushioning
and moreover:

Symbol of one helmet - SOLO ride
Symbol of one helmet and luggage - driving SOLO and BAGGAGE
Symbol of two helmets - driving with a passenger or with a passenger and luggage

4) Checking the pressure in RDC tires
The electronic display shows the pressure values ​​in the front and rear tires on a regular basis. Recommended is 2.5 / 2/9 atm.

5) Adaptive LED spotlight with increased durability
When the adaptive lighting mode is activated (button in the left combined switch), the motorcycle will choose the light itself between the daytime running light and the so-called headlamp. short. The electronics decision helps to take the twilight sensor that the motorcycle has on the equipment.

6) VARIO BMW trunk system
These trunks focus on what's best in the trunks can exist:
- it's easy to take them off the motorcycle and move them like suitcases, with handles in the upper part
- they have variable capacity, in each of the three trunks there is a lever that switches to the MINI and MAXI modes - they differ significantly in capacity and thus the width of the motorcycle.

7) Integrated BMW alarm - D.W.A.
All you have to do is remove the key to arm yourself after 30 seconds.

8) BMW Motorrad navigation with Bluetooth and belt recognition, charging directly from the motorcycle, without the need for a cable. Navigation has many modes, the most important ones are: Drive to - classic route guidance, find the nearest station, store or ATM, as well as a compass. The My Motorcycle function, which in the 16th part of the screen shows the most important data, can be very useful, but after taking the navigation from the motorcycle, we can read the data in the house, among others how much fuel we have left. Therefore, a traditional check of the fuel condition by looking into the tank through the cork or looking at the fuel gauge can be counted in the past, from now we can get off the motorcycle, turn off the ignition, close the gate, then sit comfortably by the fireplace with navigation in hand and analyzing data from the last trip through the function My motorcycle check the amount of fuel in the motorcycle standing in the garage. In addition, my motorcycle will provide the following information:
Pressure in the front tire
Pressure in the rear tire
Engine temperature
Meter status in km
TRIP1's last trip
TRIP2's last trip
Last trip TRIP AUTO (if you have not reset 1 or 2, AUTO is reset by itself)
The current ambient temperature
Charging voltage
Fuel consumption in 3 modes
average speed
Remaining range on fuel
Max speed of last trip
Direction in degrees

10) Gear display with a suggestion of shifting to a higher gear
After reaching the appropriate speed for changing the gear on a higher motorcycle will inform us about the recommendation to change the gear to the upper symbol of the vertical arrow pointing up on the LCD display.

11) Warning about low surface temperature
The ice crystal symbol is displayed when the ambient temperature drops to 3C.

12) Two-stage heating of the levers with the electronic heating force indication. In previous models, the degree of heating was displayed on the button itself through the visibility of 1 or 2 dots, depending on the heating stage being switched on. In the new model, the heating power indication is presented on the LCD screen in the form of an appropriate icon.

13) A system commonly referred to as Ride-by-wire, in the BMW appointed E-Gas, there is no use of the cable in the right lever. The agreement between the rolgas and the dampers is carried out entirely electronically, which results, for example, in the fact that the paddle will not work harder due to the wear of the rope, but above all allows the software to manage the reaction of the motorcycle (see item 1).

14) Wet anti-hip clutch
A sudden gas deduction will not block the rear wheel thanks to the anti-hopping system.

15) Turning damper
Significantly improves handling and protects the steering wheel from falling into vibration.

16) EWS electronic immobilizer
Additional lock against theft.

17) Display of the current voltage in the battery charge V on the electronic display
It facilitates the diagnosis of possible irregularities / weak loading.

18) Control of the basic navigation commands from the steering wheel, within the left combined switch
To zoom in / out the map, go to the compass or motorcycle statistics you do not have to take your hand off the steering wheel.

19) Ability to completely turn off ABS
It is useful when you want to enter the motorcycle in a controlled slip eg in the field.

20) Touratech with regulation
The position of the Touratech front hatch can be set - elevated in relation to the serial

21) Upper and lower regions of Touratech & BMW
They protect not only cylinders, but also side fairing.

22) Adjustable headlamp.
Regulation of the range of lights, which may be related to the load on the motorcycle within the maximum permissible total weight.





Air / liquid cooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke boxer engine, two top camshafts driven by a spur gear, one balance shaft

Avg. cylinder / piston stroke

101 mm / 73 mm


1 170 cm3


92 kW (125 hp) at 7,750 rev / min.

Max. torque

125 Nm at 6,500 r / min.

Compression Ratio

12.5: 1


Electronic injection to the suction pipe / digital motor controller: BMS-X system gas electronic (e-gas)

Issuance exhaust

Adjustable three-way catalytic converter, Euro 3 emission standard

tires, front

120/70 R 19

tires, rear

170/60 R 17

Brakes, front

Two-disc, disc flying, diameter 305 mm, 4-piston radial calipers

brakes, rear

Single plate, diameter 276 mm, Dual-piston floating caliper


Integrated / half-integrated, breaking, fitted as standard

Drive modes

Traction control system ASC (Automatic Stability Control), 5 driving modes * WD

LED spotlight

LED floodlight and spotlight LED additional light daytime * WD

Suspension ex.

BMW Motorrad Telelever, pipe diameter 37 mm bearing central column Strut

Rear suspension

single arm swingarm of diecast aluminum BMW Motorrad Paralever column Strut WAD, infinitely hydraulically adjustable spring preload knob adjustment damping knob

Stroke front / rear suspension

190 mm / 200 mm

Dynamic ESA

The system electronically adjusted suspension (Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment) sensors chassis on wheels front and rear, * WD


Performance / Fuel consumption


  Above 200 km / h

Fuel consumption 90 km / h

  4.1 l / 100 km

Fuel 120 km / h

  5.5 l / 100 km


  Gasoline unleaded 95 (RON)

Dimensions / weight


2207 mm

width (with mirrors)

952.5 mm

Height (without mirrors)

1412 mm

The seat height

850/870 mm


238 kg


450 kg

The permissible load

212 kg

fuel tank

20.0 l

Fuel reserve

About 4.0 l


The one-armed swingarm in 2013 went to the left side

BMW's dashboard provides all you need and more