VFR800Fi - a sports tourist motorcycle with a wide range of applications.

He can overcome long routes, but he is also narrow and manoeuvrable in the city.
VTEC very powerfully increases power - despite the 'legends' it does not tear!


HISS immobilizer and factory steering lock improve protection against theft


The VFR 800 offers a very comfortable position for the driver and passenger


The purpose of the motorcycle
VFR800Fi is a sports and touring motorbike that allows you to travel up to 600-700km a day. The size of the couch allows you to comfortably travel 2 people. Luggage can be packed in 2 GIVI trunks and a tankbag, which in total gives about 90 liters of capacity (2x40l barrels, tankbag about 10 liters). Its feature is flexibility, as opposed to in-line fours, it does not have to be turned high, it already has high torque in low speed ranges. The method of giving up the power can resemble a diesel engine, which allows for less gear changes, even when overtaking.

The most enjoyable feature of the Honda VFR800Fi is its ergonomics. The motorcycle is so perfectly adapted to the physiognomy of a man that after a while we run this motor extremely intuitively, as if we were walking in great shoes - after a few steps we just walk, forgetting that we have something on our feet.

The drive unit has acquired legends of reliability based on the opinions of VFR users. The engine in the V4 system with timing drive via gears contributes to this. Honda did not use either the chain or the timing belt. This results in an extremely quiet and trouble-free operation, and in the long run, it improves the timing work, because it is not exposed to deregulation of valves resulting, for example, from the extension of the timing chain.

It provides precise guidance, but selects a lot of inequalities. As the whole VFR is a good compromise between driving precision and driving comfort. The rear swingarm is one-armed, named for the PRO-ARM by Honda.

Discs - 2 discs at the front, 1 at the rear. The integrated Dual-CBS system increases safety by braking both wheels at the same time, regardless of the hand or foot lever pressed by the driver.

From 5 to 10 liters. The VFR, however, gives us so much driving pleasure that we forget about its combustion, enjoying the motor's flexibility and excellent traction as well as the low susceptibility to load changes.

Equipment of our PWM copy
- Dual CBS
- GIVI MONOLOCK Italian hard trunk sideboards
- tankbag on request
- great Dunlop tires included in 2016.
- 22 liter fuel tank



Engine type: liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder, fork (V4 90 °), 4-stroke, 16-valve, DOHC
Displacement: 782 cm ^ (3)
Diameter x stroke of the piston: 72 x 48 mm
Compression ratio: 11.6: 1
Power: 108.8 HP at 10500 rpm
Max. Torque: 80 Nm at 8,750 rpm.
Power supply: electronic fuel injection PGM-FI
Starter: electric
Battery capacity: 12V / 10AH
Gearbox: 6-stage
Clutch: wet, multi-disc
Rear wheel drive: O-ring chain
Maximum speed: 244 km / h


Seat height: 805 mm
Weight refueled: 244 kg
Permissible total weight: 394 kg
Suspension front: 41mm cartridge HMAS telescopic fork with infinitely adjustable preload, stroke 108mm
Front brakes: 296 x 4.5 mm, dual disc, 3-piston Dual CBS
Rear brakes: 256 x 6 mm, single disc, 3-piston Dual CBS
Tire front: 120/70-ZR17M / C (58W)
Rear tire: 180/55-ZR17M / C (73W)
Fuel tank: 22 liters


Effective headlights

A full set of instruments