Yamaha Fazer FZ6S is a good motorcycle for every occasion. Up to 6,000 turns is dynamic but easy to drive, above this limit takes on the second breath of a sport motorcycle. This is no accident, because the Fazer engine is a relaxed unit moved straight from the sports model R6.
Hire without a limit of km allows you to take longer routes, and to the motorcycle as part of the rental price you will receive travel accessories.


Yamaha FZ6 Fazer affordable S2 lies between the BMW F 800 S and Suzuki Bandit 650S. In terms of driving a motorcycle does not give reason to complain. Adjusting the rear shock preload does not go as easily as in the case of the BMW F 800 S and requires the use of classical key. Yamaha offers for this possibility to adjust the spring tension of the front fork, which boast BMW can not.

FZ6 suspension does not leave much to be desired - it is simply properly matched to the motorcycle. Was tuned, as in B650, rather touristy, but in the way of his work you can feel the subtle longing for the sport. Perfect for the city, on the national tracks and also the slightly sharper cornering. There is no mention of any swinging or instability. Motorcycle driving position is upright, so that it is driving more relaxed than in the case of BMW sports. The advantage is the relatively low weight, reaching only 186 kg (without fluid), through which the bike is quite handy and agile.

As for the drive, although the drive is a new Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 delivers a lot of fun, it must be admitted that the engine feels lazy. This is probably because Yamaha has once again applied here tamed version of the R6 engine. But does it mean that the engine is defective R6? Nothing of the sort! We must just talk to him and find out what speed range suits them. Indeed, it turns out that initially gentle as a lamb, lethargic and even unwilling to work, the motor after crossing the magic of 6500 rev / min suddenly showing claws and turns into a real beast. From that moment Fazer getting really hard to go, as if be involved, yet dormant, extra two cylinders, and echoes this adrenaline pumping, turbo whistle. The engine in the new FZ6 offers large, the largest of the presented machines, the power that goes up to 98 hp. This number is impressive and promises a lot. However, observing the work of the power unit at low speed at first hard to believe that in the second half of the rev counter waiting for us so many memories.

The braking system of the motorcycle Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 works just as well as in the BMW. Fazer also can be equipped with the optional ABS, which can save us from oppression, but which can also cause confusion in the beginning people have not benefited from this system. That confusion can cause 'lift' to the front suspension when the ABS reduces the braking force so that the front wheel has not been locked.

In the system of indicators we find, among other things, a few meters distance, fuel gauge, clock, speedometer and analog LCD indicator of the amount of rotation of the motor. This is the standard found in this moment all the other bikes in its class. Yamaha FZ6 from competitors Fazer S2 stands exact engine temperature indicator.





Capacity - 600cm3
Power in kW / hp - 72/98 at 12,000 rpm
Torque - 63,1Nm at rev / min 10000
Number of cylinders - 4 in-line (4-stroke)
Cooled - Liquid
Bore and stroke - 65,5 x 44,5mm
Compression ratio - 12.2: 1
The timing - DOHC
Number of valves - 4 per cylinder
Number fitted - 4
Throat diameter - 36mm
Brand carburetors - fuel injection
Starter - Electric
Number of speeds - 6
Rear wheel drive - Chain

Frame - Open, aluminum, bolted
Caster angle - 65 degrees
Ahead - 98 mm
Wheelbase - 1440 mm
Front suspension - Telescopic
Rear suspension - aluminum swingarm
Brakes Front - 2 discs Ø 298mm each
Brakes rear - 1 disc Ø 245mm
The size of the front tires - 120/70 ZR 17 Dunlop D 252
Size rear tires - 180/55 ZR 17 Dunlop D 252
Front suspension travel - 130 mm
Rear travel - 130 mm

Weights and Dimensions
Seat height - 795mm
The length of the motorcycle - 2095mm
Motorcycle width - 750mm
Motorcycle height - 1215mm
Wheelbase - 1440mm
Curb weight (dry) - 187kg


Fuel and performance

Container / reserve - 19 L / 3.5 L
Acceleration 0-100km / h - 3 s
Fuel consumption - 5.5 L / 100km
-Over The maximum speed of 200 km / h
Fuel Type - Normal Pb-95