One of the biggest chopper travelers on the market. 
The low-speed engine with powerful torque will satisfy every big block fan.

Forklift engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters in 2 cylinders


A beautiful, classic motorcycle line


Driving the VN1500 Vulcan Nomad is a real chopper style - the low-speed fork motor generates torque allowing the driver to forget about the frequent use of the gear lever. Effortless ride comfort is ideal for easy ridding, holiday expeditions to near and far corners. Vulcan 1500 at PWM Pomeranian Motorcycle Rental is equipped with a chromed boot, radio, lighter, cup holder, two side hard panniers and windscreen. The trunks and trunk allow you to pack for even a long journey, and the windscreen deflects the air stream so efficiently over the driver's head that it significantly reduces fatigue on long journeys.

Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1500 is great for 2 people. The driver and passenger have a lot of space, they can stretch their legs and arms, both the passenger and the driver additionally have a backrest, which eliminates the need to stick to harder acceleration and is very comfortable for the spine.

The fuel consumption of this motorcycle is 6-7 liters for quiet driving. With this capacity of the power unit it has to be forgiven. Fortunately, its characteristics make it much easier - it allows you to forget about mundane matters, and despite the saddle so low above the ground driving Vulcan Nomad 1500, we really fly in a slightly different world.

Model Kawasaki Vulcan VN1500 Nomad

Chopper category - cruiser

The displacement is 1550 ccm

Engine type V2

Number of strokes 4

Maximum power 107.00 hp at 5000 RPM

Maximum torque 123.00 Nm at 3000 RPM

Timing system SOHC

Gearbox 5 speed

Dry weight 335.2 kg

The height of the saddle is 69,3 cm

Wheelbase 1.7 m

Front tire 150/80-R17

Rear tire 180/70-R16

Front disc Double disc

The diameter of the front disc (or drum) is 296 mm

Rear brake. Single-disc

The diameter of the rear disc (or drum) 316 mm

Power to weight ratio 0.3192 HP / kg

Capacity of the fuel tank 24 l



Combustion of 6-7l at 90-100 km / h

The maximum speed of about 190 km / h



Instrument panel with fuel reserve indicator